Circular economy and FRANK-ECODESIGN

The circular economy aims to make the entire life cycle of a product as efficient and environmentally as possible in order to minimize waste and pollution. Starting with the extraction of raw materials, development and production, transport through the use phase to recycling. Ideally, the cycle closes here and starts all over again. The better the first steps have been implemented, the more efficient the subsequent steps will be. This is exactly what we want to achieve with the FRANK-ECODESIGN of our products.

Kreislaufwirtschaft und Ecodesign




FRANK pipe systems are designed for extremely long use. They are easy to repair and easy to expand. We achieve this by using modern thermoplastics such as PE 100. PE 100 pipes are free from corrosion, chemically resistant and break-proof. In contrast to pipe materials such as concrete, stoneware or cast, PE can be permanently tightly connected (Material bonded) - without an additional seal.
Depending on the area of ​​application, our pipes offer a low-maintenance service life of over 100 years. In this way, the operating and maintenance costs for the sewer operator can be reduced considerably in wastewater disposal.


Appropriate to the material

In order to be able to offer the optimal and future-proof solution for every application, we use a variety of environmentally friendly plastics. In this way, our pipes, fittings or valves achieve application-specific properties that would not be possible with other materials. Our experts will help you with the design of the right material.



In order to continue to reduce the energy and raw material requirements of the products, we rely on regenerative energy sources, efficient production processes and state-of-the-art machines. Part of our electricity needs in production and administration is covered by solar energy. We use geothermal energy for heating and cooling with the help of FRANK geothermal probes or surface collectors (more). We monitor the success of the measures with an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.
We recycle material leftovers directly on site and let them flow back into production.


Low-pollutant and harmless

The types of PE used in the manufacture of our pipe systems are physiologically harmless and do not contain any harmful additives (such as BPA or phthalates). Comparable to a wax candle, the combustion would only produce carbon dioxide and water.



From an ecological and economic point of view, the subsequent dismantling and recycling should be taken into account when developing a product or planning an infrastructure measure. Ideally, the residues can be efficiently recycled and costly disposal can be avoided.
Our pipe systems and structures made of environmentally friendly PE - e.g. for drinking water supply or wastewater disposal - can be recycled economically and 100% in just a few process steps. The material always has an equivalent value after the usage phase and is NOT garbage!



Over the entire life cycle, our extruded PE pressure pipes for gas and water supply generate fewer CO2e- emissions than pipes made of cast metal. Compared to pipes made of reinforced concrete or stoneware, our PKS sewage pipes score with their significantly lower weight per meter. The transport effort and the machine hours are therefore lower during assembly.

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