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FRANK Prefabricated Parts for Drinking Water Applications

Dimensionally accurate and ready for installation


FRANK prefabricated structures for drinking water supply (FTW® systems), consisting of spring water storage tanks and drinking water reservoirs, secure the supply flow and impeccable quality of stored drinking water. Our FTW® system provides solutions that are dimensionally accurate and ready for installation, thus ensuring extremely short installation and downtimes.

Fertigbauwerk für Trinkwasseranwendung
Beispiel Quellsammelschacht

Spring water storage tanks and drinking water reservoirs are manufactured individually according to customer requirements. We provide assistance already in the planning phase. Simply give us a call.

FTW®-spring water storage tank

Spring water storage tank are used to monitor, control and route spring water as well as merge individual spring inflows. Each water source is routed to a separate supply tank in a spring water storage tank. Subsequent-ly, the water flows into the common reservoir and via the extraction line with strainer into the freshwater reservoir.


FTW®-drinking water storage tank

FRANK drinking water storage tanks made of PE allow you to benefit from a long service life and ease of cleaning and maintenance. We produce FTW® drinking water storage tanks with an inner diameter of up to 3.5 m. The high degree of prefabrication will save you even more time and money during installation and on-site assembly.


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