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FTW®-FRANK Drinking Water Storage Systems


Drinking water storage systems have the task of ensuring security of supply and the impeccable quality of the stored drinking water.

FTW® spiral pipe

The latest generation of FTW® spiral pipes are exclusively used for the production of our drinking water storage systems. These feature a variable profile geometry that takes into account the specific installation conditions. Only PE 100 materials with DIBt approval are used, which have been tested in the wetted area in accordance with KTW Guideline (guidelines for contact with drinking water) and DVGW worksheet W 270.

FTW® drinking water tank

Through the use of PE 100 materials, the FTW® system complies with the relevant technical regulations for drinking water and is physiologically harmless. At the same time, a long service life and excellent cleaning ability is guaranteed. FTW® reservoirs and tank are produced with diameters of up to 3.5 m. The high degree of prefabrication allows shortest installation and assembly times on site.

FRANK Trinkwasserspeicher

FTW® spring water storage tanks

FTW® spring water storage tanks are used for merging, monitoring, control and routing one or more springs. Their dimensioning and design serves to protect natural resources, while at the same time ensuring accessibility and ease of use of the plant components. FTW® spring water storage tanks made of PE 100 fulfil the objectives of the DVGW worksheet W 127 for spring water collection systems.

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