FRANK Geothermie

Brine manifolds made of PE 100

Factory-welded and ready-to-connect PE 100 brine manifolds for installation in on-site chambers or utility rooms. We produce tailor-made solutions for your project requirements.


FRANK brine manifold

Soleverteiler aus PE 100zoom
  • Ready-to-connect solutions with all required shutoff and regulating valves
  • Shapes and dimensions are tailored to the available space in your property
  • Simple hydraulic balancing and precise initial measurement of the volume flows by high-quality balancing valves
  • Heat pump connection with ball valve, butterfly valve or open end
  • Supply feed with industrial quality plastic ball valve
  • All valves can be removed radially
  • Fitted with pressure gauges and thermometer or additional gauge connections

Manifold diameters:

d 90 mm bis d 250 mm


I- , L- and U-shapes, special shapes

Number of probe circuits 

depending on size


probe circuits: d 32 mm, d 40 mm, d 50 mm

Heat pump:

d 63 to d 250 mm

Shut-off valves::

Plastic ball valves, plastic butterfly valves, balancing valves and flowmeters as required

Soleverteiler aus PE 100zoom


PE-100 brine manifolds

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