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System solutions for generating energy from geothermal heat

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FRANK GET -X geothermal probes made of cross-linked polyethylene PE-X.


FRANK VTP ® / Vertical Thermpipe ideal when borehole depth is limited


FRANK collector set, the complete set for horizontal collectors


LIMNION® LIMA-1 heat exchanger for extracting energy from lakes and rivers.


FRANK Chamber Manifolds made of PE in different configurations and load classes


Modular plastic manifolds , as well as tailormade and welded Distributor made of PE 100, 


The FRANK GET system (GET: Geothermal Environmental Technology) offers a range of innovative solutions for the extraction of geothermal energy by means of special heat exchangers for ground source heat pumps. Because of the system concept, all components are synchronised.
In addition to components for opening up the source, the FRANK GET system contains a wide range of chamber manifolds in all load classes and brine manifolds for all hydraulic requirements.
This secures the effectiveness of the overall system.
All components come from one source, with pipes, shaped components and fittings for the connecting pipes as well as the associated welding technology. This means that you can reduce your sources of supply to a minimum.
The FRANK GET System guarantees a permanent connection to the energy source. Pre-assembled PE100-RC or PE-X geothermal probes and the FRANK VTP extract energy out of the ground. LIMNION heat exchangers for lakes and rivers, brine manifolds and chamber manifolds as well as corresponding accessories represent a system solution from one source right down to the heat pump connection.
Long service life, no corrosion and an externally monitored production plant in accordance with current guidelines (DIN 8074/75, VDI 4640, SKZ HR 3.26) guarantee the quality of our products in use worldwide.


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