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GETcontrol welding device

GET control

The GETcontrol welding device is especially designed for use in geothermics. GETcontrol is a welding device for electro-fusion fittings for a diameter range from d 20 mm to d 75 mm. The device has automatic welding data logging for up to 250 welding processes. Data is transferred to a PC with a USB stick.

A holding clamp d 20 to d 63 in size permits the pipes to be fitted, to be aligned and fixed. FRANK pipe joints can be clamped. This compact welding device is available in a plastic case as a set with the necessary scraping Tools and holding clamps.

GET control mit Werkzeugsetzoom

Set scope of supply:

  • GETcontrol welding device for electro-fusion fittings
  • Pipe scraping tool d 32 mm / SDR 11
  • Pipe scraping tool d 40 mm / SDR 11
  • Star-shaped clamp (4-fold) including adapters
  • USB stick
  • Instruction manual
  • Transport and storage case

Holding clamp set

The d 20 bis d 63 pipe clamps also Permit FRANK pipe joints to be clamped.


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