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FRANK VTP® - Vertical Thermpipe

Efficient geothermal heat use at short borehole depths

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The innovative FRANK VTP® (Vertical Thermpipe) is the ideal solution where conventional geothermal probes can no longer be deployed efficiently. Resource-saving geothermal heat can thus be used even when borehole depth is limited.
The FRANK VTP® offers good heat extraction with shallow drilling depths of 6-12 m, and with a service life of over 100 years it is a long-lasting investment in the use of regenerative energy. The pre-assembled elements are easily installed, and low-cost boring processes such as hollow auger driller can be used.

FRANK VTP® is made entirely of PE 100 and is therefore eminently suitable for safe use in the vicinity of groundwater.


The benefits of FRANK VTP®:

  • Ideal for shallow drilling depths and for use in areas with groundwater flow
  • High heat extraction rates are possible
  • Extremely fast installation
  • Completely pre-assembled element which can be installed without preparation
  • Small drill diameter required
  • Fixed heat carrier pipe spacing
  • Safe connection of connection pipes with electrofusion welded fittings
  • Pressure-tested with test certificate
  • 6 m , 9 m and 12 m Installation lengths
  • Other lengths on request
  • Can be optionally extended as a well
  • Can be optionally used for rainwater





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