FRANK Geothermie

FRANK WET / Water Heat Exchanger

Heating and cooling with the water of lakes and rivers


For the use of renewable energies also surface waters are of great importance. Water is an excellent temperature storage. For building sites near lakes, rivers or on the coast, this free of cost energy can be used to heat or to cool the building.


FRANK WET / Water heat exchanger

The water heat exchanger is specially designed for heat recovery from the surrounding water. The compact, highly efficient heat exchanger removes the energy needed for heating from the water. In conjunction with a ground source heat pump, the extracted energy is converted into thermal heat. Furthermore, the heat exchanger can be used effectively for cooling the building.

The convection openings in the surrounding housing and the optimized tube routing of the heat exchanger ensure high efficiency.

All components of the water heat exchanger are made of environmentally friendly, high-quality polyethylene: a long service life is guaranteed. Low weight and solid mounting points on the housing allow easy and quick installation.


Installation examples:

Wasserwärmetauscher am Gewässergrund montiert
Wasserwärmetauscher, Verankerung an Pfahlkonstuktionen, Bootsstegen oder am Kai.

Technical Data:

Extraction capacity                                                  

depending on module size and water temperature

Max. Operating pressure

3,0 bar

Temperature range

-10°C to + 40°C

Connection flow / return (PE spigot)

40 mm

Dimensions (diameter x height)

Type WET 1

Type WET 2

Type WET 3

1220 x 600 mm

1220 x 900 mm

1220 x 1200 mm



FRANK water heat exchanger

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