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Limnion® LIMA 1

Energy recoverfrom inshore waters


Surface waters also play an extremely important role in the use of regenerative energy. Water is an excellent heat reservoir. This free energy is available for temperature control in buildings located close to lakes and rivers or on the coast.

Limnion Lima 1

Limnion® LIMA-1

Limnion® LIMA-1 is a heat energy recovery system specially designed for installation in lakes and rivers. Its compact, highly efficient heat exchanger turns the heat contained in the water into heating energy. The acquired energy is turned into heat energy by means of a heat pump. The LIMA-1 can also be used effectively for cooling buildings.

Convection channels in the housing of the unit and the targeted flow control ensure high efficiency.
All LIMA-1 components are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly polyethylene: which guarantees a long service life. Thanks to its low weight and the practical handles on the housing, installation is safe and easy.

Limnion Lima 1 am Gewässergrund montiert
Limnion Lima 1, Verankerung an Pfahlkonstuktionen, Bootsstegen oder am Kai.
Possible heat extraction rate up to 15 KW

Max. operating pressure

3.5 bar

Permissible temperature range:

-10°C to + 40°C

Dimensions (w x h):

1070 x 1120 mm

Supply/return connection (pipe diameter):

40 mm

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