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Electrofusion welding unit polycode (BT)

polycode (BT)

The welding device polycode( BT) is specially designed for geothermal applications. Designed for the dimension range d 20 to d 160* mm. Naturally equipped with logging function and data output via USB stick. Via the integrated Bluetooth function, the polycode can also be operated and read out via the Electrofusion App using a smartphone. The Electrofusion Control Center supports you in evaluating the uploaded files. 

 Compactly fixed in the transport case for easy and safe transport.

polycode (BT)zoom

Technical Data:

  • Electro fusion welding device with logging
  • dimension range:
    d 20 - d 125 mm ; d 140 - d 160 mm*
  • Barcode input (welding data and traceability) 
  • Bluetooth interface for using the EFS App 
  • Storage capacity approx. 1000 protocols
  • USB interface (for USB stick)
  • Input: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Output: 8 - 48V (max. 54 A)
  • Weight: approx. 11 kg 

Scope of delivery: 

incl. USB stick, barcode scanner, operating instructions, fixed in transport case; art. no. : 600 87 0212 BT

*longer machine cooling time must be guaranteed, the operating instructions must be observed



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