Plastic Welding Technology

For high-quality and durable connections


According to national and international standards and guidelines (e.g. DVS – German Welding Association), special knowledge and appropriate plastic welding machines as well as the relevant procedure are required for each application field. Requirements for industrial and underground pipeline construction are for example different from those for the construction of reservoirs, semiconductor industry or sanitary sector.
Take advantage of our many years of experience and highest level of technical expertise. We not only supply high-quality plastic welding equipment, machinery and tools: we also make the knowledge of our experts available to you. For each of your applications!


NEW: FRANK Mammut electric welding sockets – two welds in one operation!


The Mammut enables welding of bifilar electrofusion sockets in a single welding operation (tandem mode), thereby saving time and equipment. Monofilar electrofusion sockets can also be welded (single-mode).
Simple welding data acquisition: Our simple menu navigation known from our other devices guides users through the various input options. Data is entered via barcode or manually by hand.
The welding logged data is output via USB flash drive as PDF files..

  • Supply voltage: 400 V
  • Data logging operations: ca. 900 weldings

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