Sure Grip® Concrete protective liners


Constructions and manholes, which are defined for the collection, storage and the transport of liquids, can be easily and cheap constructed of concrete. But concrete is not suitable for the permanent contact with a lot of media. Therefore, the concrete surface has to be protected against external attacks, e.g. corrosion. With the Sure Grip® concrete protective liners made of thermoplastics and the adequate connection profiles, a sophisticated and established system for the durable protection of concrete constructions, manholes and concrete pipes is available.


Advantage thanks to bond

Conventional systems to protect concrete constructions is layed on the finished construction later. A durable hold on the concrete surface is therefore often not given.

Through the formed studs on the Sure Grip® concrete protective liners the liners will be bonded to the concrete. The studs of the Sure Grip® concrete protective liners are integrally formed on one side of the liner, i.e. the studs are connected homogeneously. Due to this fact the product has no weak spot between liner and stud. The unique, patented stud design restrains the liner against the differential thermal forces created between the plastic and the concrete.

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