PKS Profile sewer system


FRANK GmbH use for more than 40 year plastic pipe systems for different high stressed applications. Especially for sewage pipelines flexible materials with tight welded socket connection are in advance against inflexible and stuck pipe systems. By durable tight systems an infiltration of ground water resp. a leakage of polluted sewage can be avoided. These experiences lead to the development of profiled sewer system PKS. Homogeneous, durable tight sewer systems in all current dimensions can be manufactured of this system.


PKS pipes are manufactured of PE and PP acc. to DIN 16961 and draft DIN EN 13476. That way the most important demand to sewer pipes, manholes and storm water tanks, even a durable tight system can be guaranteed.


By using the flexible material polyethylene even temporary overloading on the pipe system can be nearly and fully compensate. Therefore, PKS pipes are suited for highly stressed pipe- and manhole constructions. The manufacture of STAURAUMKANÄLE, rain water collectors, landfill manholes, drain pipes and drain water collectors can be put in execution with PKS pipes economical and technical. The components can be pre-assembled and completed and therefore a short installation time at site is necessary.

Kräfteeintrag auf ein biegeweiches Kanalrohr

Cost-effective lasting solution

Considering the DWA- survey, the communes have to invest billions for the renovation of ramshackle sewage pipeline in the future. In view of less budget in public, there is a need of lasting cost reduction for public sewage disposal. Each citizen wishs to have minimum cost for waste water but also a guaranteed and safe installation. Here we ask the question, which different fees do we have for waste water? A current survey found out a percentage of 12,5% for personal cost, 8,3% for waste water charges and 24,6% for interests on equity and debt. Relevant costs for a sewage distribution are the maintenance costs (25,2%) and the accrual (29,4%). According to the experience the expected maintenance costs for PE sewage pipelines is less than 10%. The life expectancy of PE raw material DIN 8074/75 is minimum 100 years and therefore the costs for accrual can be reduced drastically, depending on calculation even halved. The decision for an economic and lasting solution in a modern sewage pipe system with a future-proofed material like polyethylene should be easy.

PKS - Profilkanalrohrsystem

PKS – Highlights

The PKS profile sewer pipe systems is made of a light and dimensionally stable profile pipe acc. to DIN 16961 from DN 300 up to DN 3500 and the corresponding fittings, manholes and connection fittings, like the later house connection. All components are produced of the high resistant and long-living materials PE 80, PE 100 resp. PPR.


PKS sewage pipes features by the outer profile and the clear inside surface. Smaller pipe dimension DN 150 up to DN 300 are delivered as coextruded solid wall pipe acc. to DIN 8074/75 with separate electro fusion fittings. From DN 300 the pipe has an integrated electrofusion socket. Generally, manholes and constructions made of PKS pipe are delivered with a smooth in- and outside but a profiled wall. The material PPR (polypropylene) is available for sewage pipelines with higher temperatures from DN 300 up to DN 3500. All pipe-, manhole- and fitting components are specially designed for the installation in sewer pipelines and requirements to underground engineering. When developing the profile sewer pipe we aim to combine the advantage of profiled PE 80- and PE 100- as well as PPR pipes with a durable tight homogeneous pipe connection and an easy installation.

PKS-Profil-type PR with integrated electro fusion socket

PKS-profiles of type PR have an excellent high ring stiffness at a very low pipe weight. This PR type is installed for buried sewer pipes up to a nominal diameter of DN 3500. The connection of each pipe is done via electro fusion up to a nominal diameter of DN 2300. Parallel to the electro fusion welding also the extrusion welding can be used from DN 300 up to DN 3500. The pipes will be delivered with integrated spigot and socket end.

PKS Profiltyp PR

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