PKS Secutec-pipe


The monitorable pipe system with integrated leackage control for special protection

PKS Secutec

Even for critical pipe installations in a water protection area or for perilled ground water applications within the chemical industry a permanent controlled pipe system is indispensable. A control by vacuum or permanent overpressure for the complete pipeline is required. Secutec pipes allow a continuous supervision of the complete pipeline by the defined hollow space. In case of buried pipelines also manholes can be integrated in the control system. The monitoring can be done continuously with an approved leackage ANZEIGEr or with a mobile test unit when doing a leak control in the control room. Due to the same basic wall- and liner thickness the Secutec-pipe can be welded by butt fusion homogeneous and durable tight. The pipe ends are machined (plain milled) to have also a monitorable welding connection. Alternativ, the pipe connection can be realised by extrusion welding. Secutec-pipes are manufactured in the dimension DN 300 up to DN 2000. The basic wall thickness can be produced acc. to customer request. Basically, PKS Secute-pipes are manufactured with basic wall thicknesses from 10mm to 25mm.

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