PKS Storm water tanks


Plastic pipes made of polyethylene are successfully installed in canalisation for more than 35 years. Spiral pipes made of the modern material PE 100 can be used for all intents and purposes in an innovative sewer pipe system - also for storm water tanks. To guarantee a constant inflow for waste water treatment, it is necessary to install containment volumes in the sewage network. These containment volumes must be able to reserve the flow after rain and release then constantly. For special constructions also the use of an overflow basin (BÜ) is required.


With the profiled sewer system (PKS) made of PE different constructions can be realised. Manholes with formed pipe connection can be manufactured up to a dimension of 3,5m in our workshop. There is also the possibility to have separate pipe- and manhole components which can be delivered as complete construction, pre-assembled in our workshop with a storage up to 100m³. The connection of each pipe and construction can be done at site up to 2,3m via integrated electro fusion socket. For bigger dimensions extrusion welding is used.

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