Energy from ground and sewage

Our new PKS-THERMPIPE® system is based on our PKS pipe system which for years has been established on the marked rather successfully, as well as on our knowledge of geothermal heating and cooling which we established as a leading manufacturer of geothermal probes and collectors.

By installing a PKS-THERMPIPE® system instead of a standard sewage pipe, residential as well as commercial buildings can be heated or cooled very cost-effectively. Due to the construction of the PKS thermpipe there are no installations in the sewage pipe and the brine circuit is outside. The water tightness of the sewage pipe and the brine lines will be guaranteed by various welding procedures (heat spiral and heat element socket welding procedures according to DVS regulations). Today the applied polyethylene materials (PE 100) are also used for pressure pipes (drinking water 16 bar and gas 10 bar). PKS thermpipe is manufactured according to DIN 16961. The feed and return lines of the heat transfer medium correspond to DIN 8074/75 and DIN EN 12201-3/DIN EN 1555-3. The brine lines are combined in distribution shafts and can be mounted together with the necessary valves (regulating valves, ball valves, etc.) and thus connected with the heat pump. Company FRANK can offer delivery of the complete system up to the heat pump.


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