PKS plus Sewage pipe system

PKS plus

PKS plus sewage pipes are exclusively manufactured of a modern PE 100 material. The compact profile with its smooth and closed pipe outside achieves a very high long-term ring stiffness and can be used for high loads from outside. A further advantage of the smooth outside is the optimum compactibility of pipe in the pipe support.

PKS plus sewage pipes are manufactured in standard dimensions DN 600 up to DN 1200. The basic wall thickness can be determined according to customer request. Standard PKS plus sewage pipe has a wall thickness from 5mm up to 12mm, manufactured as spiral pipe. The connection of pipe up to DN 2300 is electro fusion welding. From DN 300 up to DN 3500 also extrusion welding can be used, whereas the pipe are manufactured with spigot and socket end.


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