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SURE INSPECT RC - what is this?

SURE INSPECT RC is a sewer pipe made of PE 100-RC, one of the most modern PE resins available. This pipe has a bright inner surface for easy inspection. The black outer layer and the yellow inside layer are extruded at the same time and merge in a thermoplastic way. Due to this procedure a bonded connection results.


PE 100-RC - what is that?

PE 100-RC is a modern resin, the abbreviation "RC" stands for „resistance to crack“.
That means that the PE 100-RC resists against slow crack propagation and point load. That is very imortant for underground pipes, as you achieve a higher safety in operation. The below graphic shows the considerable difference compared to other PE resins.
Nevertheless, PE 100-RC has also the well-known and beneficial properties as PE 100 and you can use the same installation systems. The corresponding design shows the important characteristics of PE resins.

Can we afford this?

SURE INSPECT RC means an intelligent and reasonable use of modern resins. The standard production is SDR 26, the high resin quality provide additional safety. In required, a static analysis can be issued and provided free of charge in case of order placement. The prices can be compared with the usual market prices of pipe systems made of PE 80 (SDR 17,6).
SURE INSPECT RC is also an economic solution, as the embedment can be filled with the excavation material directly.


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