Asahi Diaphragm valves

Safe regulation of most difficult fluid media

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Diaphragm valves allow a secure shut-off of difficult fluid media and a certain control to some extend.

Since only the body and diaphragm get in contact with the media, diaphragm valves are extremely suitable for aggressive fluids. Thanks to the design of FRANK diaphragm valves they can also be used for abrasive and solid-containing fluids. In case of hot, moist chlorine (for chlorine electrolysis for example), we recommend our unique EL-PVDF diaphragm valves. A travel stop mechanism is a standard feature of our diaphragm valves.


The most used connection in the chemical industry is the flange. Our diaphragma valves are also available with true union connections.

For all available nominal diameteres, our diaphragma valves also come with pneumatic and electrical acutators.

  • Nominal diameter: DN 15 - 250
  • Housing made of: PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PVDF, EL-PVDF
  • Gasket made of: EPDM, CSM, PTFE/EPDM, PVDF-cushion cover (gas barrier)

Diaphragm valve type 14 made of EL-PVDF

FRANK Membranventil Typ 14 aus EL-PVDFzoom

The alternative for chlorine electrolysis

Permanent contact with free chlorine at high temperatures (conditions which occur in chlorine electrolysis lines for example) may result in bubble formation on the contact surfaces of PVDF valves after about two years of use. After being in use for a longer period of time, the inner surface of the valve may detatch under certain circumstances.
Our solution: The diaphragm valve type 14  made of  ELPVDF offering a considerably  longer service life than standard PVDF valves. A number of modifications led not only to a longer service life but also to an increased operational stability.



The advantages at a glance

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NEW: Easier construction in 3D: CAD library online now

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Diaphragm valve:

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