Flow meters


Our delivery program also includes flow meters based on the well known "suspended float" principle, flow control devices and flow transmitters acc. to the "paddle wheel" principle.

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Rotameters measure the flow rate of liquid and gaseous media in closed vertical pipings. FRANK rotameters are burst proof, corrosion resistant and radially expandable. On request we also produce special scales for liquid and gaseous media tailored to your requirements. The rotameter can be integrated into control processes with the assistance of solenoid floats, limit switches and measurement sensors.

Housing made of: PVC, PA, PSU, PVDF, PMMA
Metering range: 1,5 l/h - 60.000 l/h


Flow measurement according to the
paddle wheel principle

Flow sensors, flow monitors and flow transmitters following the paddle wheel principle are used for the flow measurement of liquid media in both horizontal and vertical enclosed pipes. This type of flow measurement provides extremely precise values when the frame conditions are clearly defined. We also supply display and evaluation units for a wide range of purposes, including batch bottling.

  • Housing made of: PVC, PP, PVDF, V4A, ECTFE
  • Gasket made of: EPDM, FKM, Kalrez®
  • Metering range: 0,15 m/s - 10 m/sv
FRANK Flow sensor following the paddle wheel principlezoom

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Flow meter systems:

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