Special valves


Part of our delivery programme is the following:

  • Butterfly throttle valves
  • Filler & breather valves
  • Float valves
  • Gauge guard

  • Inspection glass
  • Throttle valves
  • Water jet vacuum pump
  • Y-strainer
FRANK Butterfly throttle valvezoom

Butterfly throttle valve

Butterfly throttle valves do not fully close. They are used for secure conveyance of large quantities of gaseous media.
Flange connection dimensions and installation lengths can be matched to customer requirements. You can also choose between manual, pneumatic and electrical drive systems. Please contact us for advice or a quote.

  • Nominal diameter: DN 50 - DN 2000
  • Housing made of: PVC, PP, PPs, PVDF, PVC-GFK, PP-GFK
  • Gasket made of: EPDM, FKM

Gauge guard

Gauge guards are used to measure the pressure of neutral and aggressive media. A PTFE coated diaphragm inside the housing hermetically separates the pressure sensor from the medium. The FRANK gauge guard is a low maintenance product which provides high level of measurement precision.

  • Metering range: 0 bar - 10 bar
  • Housing made of: PVC, PP, PVDF
  • Diaphragm made of: PTFE

FRANK Gauge guard Z800zoom
FRANK Inspection glass type 28zoom

Inspection glass

Pipe inspection glasses are used for the visual control of levels and flows in pipes.
FRANK inspection glasses are free of dead spaces and they are barrier free. The borosilicate glass and double seal ensure a particularly high level of safety during the transport of chemicals.

  • Nominal diameter: DN 15 - DN 150
    lager nominal diameter on request
  • Housing made of: PVC, PP, PVDF
  • Gasket made of: EPDM, FKM



Pipe systems may require strainers to protect sensitive valves and pumps from impurities and subsequent damage. We offer a wide range of mesh sizes for different applications.

  • Nominal diameter: DN 15 - DN 250
    lager nominal diameter on request
  • Housing made of: PVC-transparent, PVC, PP, PVDF
  • Gasket made of: EPDM, FKM
FRANK Y-strainer type 51zoom

Float valves are used for the automatic supply regulation of tanks and vessels without any other energy. They are used to keep a constant liquid level.

Filler & breather valves are mainly used to ventilate tanks, e.g. to avoid low pressure.

Throttle valves have its application in pipelines, where the flow rate (liquids and gases) should be throttled.

Application area of the Water jet vacuum pump is mainly used to pump and mix chemical media, to add acids and bases as well as to absorb any liquids.


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Special valves:

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