Gas- und Wasserversorgung

Gas- and water supply

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The durable structures and pipe systems from FRANK are developed for safe and environmentally friendly extraction, storage, and distribution in the gas and water supply. This is made possible by our many years of experience, as well as the use of certified
high-quality materials. In addition to pre-finished structures such as biogas condensate collectors, or drinking water storage tanks, we also offer suitable lining systems for the collection and storage of drinking water. FRANK high-quality pipe systems allow for valuable resources such as drinking water, extinguishing water, natural gas, biogas, and hydrogen to reach the consumer safely and reliably. FRANK is the only German-based distributor to provide a complete pipe system made of the highly crack-growth resistant PE 100-RC material. The PE 100-RC material is only surpassed by the PE-Xa material, which we also offer in our product range. PE-Xa is particularly flexible, highly resistant to cracks, and recommended by the DVGW for sandbed-free installation. All systems can be securely connected through homogeneous welding. FRANK also offers the appropriate welding technology from our extensive delivery program. Due to our wide product range, we can always provide an efficient solution suitable for any individual needs.








Security for gas and water supplies

The European gas and water supply network is characterized by its high security of supply. FRANK supplies high quality products, among others, for the supply area. Our systems, whether for natural gas, biogas, hydrogen as well as water and drinking water applications, are characterized by their durability and can be materially connected. With its product range, FRANK offers the prerequisites to ensure a secure and economical gas and water supply in the future.

Sustainable gas & water supplies for the future - with FRANK!


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