Pressure tapping valves (DAV) made of PE 100-RC

Innovative. Durable. Economical.

Our new pressure tapping valve (DAV) is the shut-off valve of the new generation. It combines the best features of common pressure tapping valves and complements them with innovative features. Starting with the choice of raw material for highest safety, the PE 100-RC up to the easy-to-install mounting device. The maintenance- and corrosion-free design also enables highly economical operation.

Made in Europe

Our pressure tapping valves are manufactured in Austria, using state-of-the-art production facilities and the best materials. This ensures the consistently high quality and long service life of our products:

Druckanbohrventil (DAV) im Einbauzustand


  • Compact molded part made of PE 100-RC
  • low overall height
  • low dead weight
  • DVGW approvals for gas and water applications
  • ready to assemble component
  • easy assembly due to snap-in lower part with quick release and best hold due to 3 hexagon socket screws
  • welding and tapping under maximum permissible operating pressure
  • embedded heating coil and short welding times
  • Actuating spindle made of stainless steel
  • Interface according to DVGW worksheet GW 336-1
  • tapping and actuating with max. 10.5 turns and low torque
  • chipless tapping by punching
  • safe hold of the punched out pipe piece
  • upper and lower stop protects against overtightening
  • available with 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm outlets
  • length of outgoing spigots designed for double filament welding
  • low pressure drop
  • corrosion- and maintenance-free
  • with traceability code

Fields of application DAV made of PE 100-RC:

  • Gas water supply
  • Hydrogen supply
  • Biogas supply
  • Geothermal pipelines
  • Industrial piping systems
  • Fire-fighting pipelines
Druckanbohrventil (DAV)

Assembly Instructions AGRU-FRANK Pressure Tapping Valve(DAV)


Pressure tapping valve (DAV) for drinking water pipes:

  • DW-6611AS2161 (da 63 - 315 mm)

Pressure tapping valve (DAV) for gas pipes:

  • DG-4511CQ0130 (da 63 - 315 mm)

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