High pressure gas piping system out of Polyamid (up to 16 bar)

Our SureAMID piping system contains pipes, fittings and compatible welding equipment. Polyamid 12 is a high quality material that offers excellent resistance against rapid crack propagation as well as slow crack growth. SureAMID is perfectly suitable for high pressure hydrogen and gas supply for up to 16 bar according to DVGW G472 Technical Rule - Standard. The SureAMID Pipes and fittings are welded with conventional connection methods as butt welding and electro fusion welding. Because of its very high mechanical properties, it can be used for alternative installation methods such as sand bred free- and trechnless installation. 

  • Pipes and fitting (OD 110 and OD 160 mm SDR 11)
  • for natural gas and hydrogen 
  • high pressure resistant for up to16 bar (SDR 11)
  • conventional welding methods (butt welding and electro fusion welding)
  • for sand bed free installation
  • high tractive forces
  • According to international Standards and technical Rules like DIN EN ISO 16486, GW 335-A6 and G 472 A
  • Made by AGRU + FRANK



PA 12



Open laying with sandbed


Open laying without sandbed








Burst lining


Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)


Soil displacement hammer


Resistance to slow crack growth




Operating pressure SDR 11 (20 °C, 100 Jahre)

Natural gas/hydrogen = 16 bar


>100 years

Dimension (OD)

110-160 mm

SDR levels

SDR 11

Delivery length

Pipe sections 6 m, 12 m, Coiled form 100 m

Made in Europe

Our SureAMID-pipes and fittings are produced in modern German and Austrian production facilities with raw high-performance materials. This ensures consistent high quality and long service life of our products.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Available in OD 110 mm and OD 160 mm
  • For maximum Operating Pressure of up to 16 bar (SDR11)
  • Possible to weld with polyvalented welding machines (4 mm contact) 
  • Welding preparation for PA-pipes and fittings with conventional PE welding tools 
  • Welding code with outdoor temperature compensation
  • Optimal gap-closing characteristic
  • Large cooling zone
  • Conical welding indicators
  • Protected welding contacts
  • Traceabilitycode

Delivery program SureAMID fittings:

  • OD 110 mm and OD 160 mm SDR 11
  • Electrofusion fittings with fully embedded heating wire
  • Surebend formed
  • Elbow in 45° & 90°
  • End caps
  • Reducer
  • Tee's
  • Stub flanges and Backings ring's for transition to other materials
SureAMID Formteilprogramm aus Polyamid 12

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