PE 100-RC electro-socket fittings

Our AGRU- electro-socket fittings made of PE 100-RC enable a reliable welding and a simple assembly. By embedding the heating wire, it`s protected against external damage for example during the assembly, safely protected and easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface.

For the connection of the pipes and fittings made of PE the electro-socket welding has proven itself for decades in gas and water supply, waste water disposal and in industry application. For a greater safety the electro-socket fitting program is made of PE 100-RC (RC= r esistant to c rack) as standard. As a system provider we supply our customers in addition to the electro-socket fittings also with pipes, valves, fittings and the matching welding system.

Good to know! PE 100-RC is compatible with standard pipes made of PE 100, it is a safe and permanently leak-tight connection.

Made in Europe

Our PE 100-RC electronic-socket fittings are produced in modern German and Austrian production facilities with raw high-performance materials. This ensures consistent high quality and long service life of our products.

E-Muffe mit eingettetem Heizwendeldraht

Higher safety by point loads with PE 100-RC

For a homogeneous pipeline network where point loads cannot be ruled out, PE 100-RC electrofusion fittings are used to connect high-quality Sureline® and SurePEX pipes.

High stress crack resistance

  • No sand embedding at the electro-fusion connection required
  • Suitable for horizontal directional drilling, milling, soil displacement hammer

High internal pressure load

  • Depended from the usage (temperature, pressure, medium) until 25 bar resilient
Hohe Innendruckbelastung

Suitable for fixed clamping

  • Can be used in fixed clamped pipe systems without reduction factor (also as fixed point)

Stress-free welding

AGRU electro-socket fittings have large, easy-to-assemble geometry and thus facilitate the stress-free welding required by DVS. The resulting larger annular gap is compensated for the excellent gap-closing characteristic.

Gab-closing system

Immediately after the start of welding the material around the embedded electro-socket expands and already reduces the gap size in the first few seconds. This optimal gap-closing characteristic also reliably compensates for larger annular gaps and ensures a homogeneous welding result.


Characteristics and benefits:

  • Made out of PE 100-RC
  • Available between OD 20 mm and OD 1400 mm
  • Fully embedded heating wire
  • According the international high standards
  • EN 12201-3 and EN 1555-3
  • Easy to clean
  • For maximum operating pressures of up to 25 bar
  • Integrated assembly handles at OD 450 mm and 500 mm
  • Possible to weld with polyvalented welding machines (4 mm contact)
  • Welding code with outdoor temperature compensation
  • optimal gap-closing characteristic
  • monofilar ≤ OD 500 mm
  • Without preheating ≤ OD 500 mm
  • Large cooling zone
  • Conical welding indicators
  • Protected welding contacts
  • Traceabilitycode

Quality control:

For quality assurance the following tests are made regulary:

  • Temperature storage tests
  • Optical surface control
  • homogeneity tests (microtome sectioning)
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Labelling inspection
  • Double electrical resistance inspection
  • Short- and long-time operating pressure tests
  • Thermal suitability tests (OIT)
  • Density tests
  • MFR-tests
  • Packaging control
  • Barcode control
  • Batch related radiography control for vacuoles detection

Delivery program electro socket fittings made of PE 100-RC

Standard Lieferprogramm

Classification of electro socket fittings

≤ da 500 mm

≥ da 560 mm


PE 100-RC

PE 100-RC


11 / 17

11 / 17

embedded eletro socket

required tensioning straps





Preheating code

Delivery program of spigot clamps


For further information, please click here Prospekt Heizwendelformteile aus PE 100-RC .

Application areas for electro socket fittings:

  • Gas- and potable water supply
  • H2 hydrogen supply
  • Sewerage line
  • Biogas supply
  • Geothermal systems
  • Industrial piping systems
  • Pipings systems for navals architecture
  • Fire protection piping systems
  • Cable conduits

Approvals - Electro socket fittings are approved by DVGW for use in gas and water pipelines under the following registration numbers:

(Electro socket fittings made of PE 100-RC for gas and potable water pipes)

  • DV-8603AT7028 (bis da 63 mm)
  • DV-8608AT7029 (da 75 - 225 mm)
  • DV-8613AT7030 (ab da 250 mm)

FM-Approvals Class 1613:

  • Approval Identification: 003058544 (fittings)

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