FRANK PE 100-RC fire protection system

Fire protection piping systems

FRANK PE-Piping Systems are certified and fulfill the highest VdS 2109 Guidelines as well as FM-Global standards for underground fire protection systems. We offer to our customers for example from the automotive sector since 2007 our expanded FM approved product range made from high crack resistant PE 100-RC material. Furthermore, the FRANK PE 100-RC FM approved components achieve the highest pressure ratings of 218 psi / 15 bar (SDR11) and 250 psi / 17,5 bar (SDR 9). The FM (Factory Mutual) Global is the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management organization specializing in property protection. FM Approvals certifies the quality and safety of products for fire protection systems. The FRANK lightweight PE-fire protection system allows alternative installation techniques such as installation without sand bed as well as secure connections due to homogeneous welding techniques.

FM Approved

Overview of FM approved pipes and fittings for buried fire extinguishing pipelines made of PE 100 and PE 100-RC

For FM projects, we always ask for your inquiry. Separate dimension-related and conditional conditions apply.

Operational range

temperatureyears of opearationclassification 218 psi, max. permitted operating pressure [bar]classifikation 250 psi, maxx permitted operating pressure [bar]

delivery program: FM-approved pipes and fittings for underground fire protection pipes out of PE 100-RC

 FM Klassifizierung 218
FM Klassifizierung 250

FM-Approvals Class:

Approval Identification: 003058544 (fittings)

Approval Identification: 003058569 (pipes and pressed bends)

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