Fittingprogram for gas and potable water supply

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Our stress crack resistant PE 100-RC fittingprogram of exlectro-socket-fittings and couplers, offers a wide dimensional range between OD 20 mm up to OD 2500 mm. To realize your individual construction plans, we are able to provide, beside standard fittings, tailored solutions for your individual application.

Made in Europe

Our fittings are produced in modern German and Austrian production facilities with raw high-performance materials. This ensures consistent high quality and long service life of our products.

Formteile aus PE
Anwendungsbeispiele erdverlegter Rohrleitungen aus PE
Herstellungsverfahren von Formteilen

Field of Application for our fittingprogram of PE 100-RC:

  • Gas and potable water supply
  • Hydrogen supply
  • Waste water
  • Cooling, service and waste water piping
  • Production pipelines in the food industry
  • Industrial pipelines
  • Protective pipes for power cables
  • Biogas plants
Nahtlose Bögen

Surebend formed out of pipe

The sweep bends made out of PE 100-RC are proven and fullfill the highest requierements of the DVGW for the gas- and potable water supply. Beside our standard programm it is possible to offer other SDR levels as well as special angles on request.

Our In-house production enables short manufacturing and delivery times.

Delivery program:

d 90 mm - d 800 mm
SDR-level17 and 11
Bends 11°, 22°, 30°, 45° and 90°
Bend radius 1,5 x d
Special angles on request

Nahtlose Bögen

Customized fittings made of PE 100-RC

For a simple and rapid installation on the construction site: We are able to offer due to our own plastic workshop specific fittings in various pressure ratings according to customer requirements.


Hydrant connection in the drinking water supply

Hydrant connections are used to connect shut-off valve’s at branches through a prefabricated part with an integrated connection to an underground hydrant.


  • Minimal installation height
  • Fix flange stub end OD90 / DN 80
  • PE 100, PN 16
  • All components DVGW approved
  • Simple and fast installation
  • No additional welding work

Approval for PE 100-RC fittings

PE 100-RC fittings | Short connections in the drinking water supply:

  • DV-8602AT2368 (≤63 mm)
  • DV-8607AT2369 (da 75 - 225 mm)
  • DV-8613AT2370 (≥ da 250 mm)

PE 100-RC fittings | Long connections in the drinking water supply:

  • DV-8603AT7028 (≤63 mm)
  • DV-8608AT7029 (da 75 - 225 mm)
  • DV-8613AT7030 (≥ 250 mm)

Surebend formed out of PE 100-RC pipe for gas and drinking water pipelines::

  • DV-8607CS0233 (da 75 – 225 mm)
  • DV-8612CS0234 (≥ 250mm)

FM-Approvals Class 1613:

  • Approval Identification: 003058544 (fittings)
  • Approval Identification: 003058569 (pipes and surebend formed out of pipes)

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