Gas- und Wasserversorgung

Gas and potable water PE-piping system

Fittings| Valves | Electro-socket fittings | Couplers

FRANK PE-piping system for gas and potable water meet high DVGW requirements and have all essential certifications. Sureline pipes are suitable for alternative trenchless laying methods, such as milling, ploughing, relinging, sublining, swagelinging, horizontal directional drilling and soil displacement hammer. All components (pipes, fittings and valves) offer a strong resistance to point loads and slow crack growth for top safety during installation and operations. Our Products are made of raw materials in accordance to PE 100+ Association guidelines. Furthermore, we are the only provider who is able to offer a complete Piping System out of the PE 100-RC that is highly resistant to slow crack growth. For extreme resistance, we offer impact insensitive SurePEX pipes out of crosslinked polyethylene (PE-Xa). The Sureline and SurePex pipework is homogenous and longitudinally forcelocked because of leak-tight connections through butt, socket, or electro-socket welding. The large range of pipes, fittings and valves enables the planned pipe construction project to be implemented quickly and safely. The FRANK PE-Piping Systems can be designed dependent on temperature and pressure with a lifetime up to 100 years and is up to 100% recyclable, therefore support our PE-Piping Systems an eco-friendly and resource-saving future.
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