BVR - Concrete from the roll

Roll out - Activate - Cure - Done!

Betonmatte von FRANK

Concrete from the roll – „BVR“

Stable. Versatile. Economical.

FRANK BVR 9000 is an innovative textile concrete mat that offers optimum protection against surface erosion and crumbling of walls made of loose rock thanks to its stable yet flexible surface. Easy handling and quick installation make FRANK BVR a cost-effective alternative to conventional methods. Perfectly suited as stable surface erosion protection of inherently stable but "crumbling" walls and slopes, instead of e.g. shotcrete or foil covering, erosion protection in trenches, stable protective layer of waterproofing.

Unique features

FRANK BVR is a fully needled, multi-layer geotextile and consists of cement-sand mixture enclosed between two frictionally needled layers of geotextile. The special needling technique creates a secure bond between the layers.

FRANK BVR is modular and can be tailor-made to customer specifications. Different grammages of the cement-sand filling, adaptation of the cement properties such as curing and chemical resistance, combination with foils, or even different nonwoven layers are possible.

FRANK BVR is supplied packed in rolls and can be easily unrolled via a traverse.

Textile concrete mat Application areas

  • Storage and stormwater retention basins
  • Road and hydraulic engineering
  • Dike construction: e.g. temporary protection against ice drift
  • Trench construction
  • Earthworks: excavation support
  • Our standard variants are the BVR 9000 HP and BVR 9000 HP plus
Beton von der Rolle
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Also available with cement-sand filling 7000 g/m², 10000 g/m² and 12000 g/m².

Almost endless possibilities

FRANK BVR can be used excellently for many purposes.
Do you have a special application?
Do you need a special configuration?

Just contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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