Claw mats. Jute/coconut fabric. Greening mats

Erosion control

Krallmatten Kokosgewebe

Geosynthetics with a three-dimensional structure prevent the removal of soil particles by water and wind. Nature protects itself from this soil erosion by plants with their roots. The natural build-up of vegetation layers, which often takes years, is accelerated and secured with erosion control mats.

FRANK Krallmatte

Claw mats

provide protection against surface erosion while improving plant growth on steep slopes. They consist of a plastic net on top, which is applied in a wavy pattern to a flat lying net. This prevents soil cover and seed from being washed out. In addition, the claw mats provide excellent root anchorage and ensure wider load distribution.

Natural fiber mats

Mats made of jute, coir, hay, and/or straw are used as erosion control and to aid in seeding and decompose after the revegetation has grown.

Jute and coir fabric

Jute and coir fabrics form "mini-walls" with their meshes where soil particles collect, protecting them from rain and wind erosion.

Strohfaser mit PP Netz

Erosion control and greening mats

Erosion control and greening mats consist of coconut and/or straw fibers, which are held together either by a PP net or by a rotting jute net, whereby greening mats additionally have a seed insert. Such "closed" mats are particularly recommended in the riparian area and on oversteepened embankments, as they prevent the soil and the seed from being washed out.

If possible, we recommend combining jute or coconut fabric with normal dry seeding: Experience has shown that better and faster greening results are achieved due to unhindered germination compared to greening mats.

Fields of application for jute or coir fabric:

New seeding on steep slopes, especially at landfills

  • Restoration of eroded slopes
  • Securing of canal and stream embankments
  • Greening of overstepped embankments

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