Concrete ceiling nonwoven geotextile and asphalt reinforcement grid

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The constant growth in traffic volumes, especially from heavy trucks, lead to high wear of the asphalt surface and early fatigue of the road superstructures. With special geotextiles and reinforcement grids, however, construction methods can be implemented that increase serviceability and extend remediation intervals.

Concrete ceiling nonwoven

For concrete ceilings, there is no alternative to the use of a special concrete ceiling nonwoven, as this is the only way to ensure longevity and serviceability. In the case of concrete pavements, alkali-resistant protective nonwovens made of polypropylene are used to separate the hydraulically bound base layer (HGT) from the concrete ceiling. This prevents settlements, displacements and cracks in the HGT from working their way up into the concrete ceiling. In addition, the concrete slurry spreads out more evenly with no water lenses. Therefore, the most important requirements of the ZTV Concrete for concrete ceiling nonwovens, apart from tensile strengths, weight per unit area and thickness, are above all the water permeability coefficients and alkali resistance. The specific requirements for concrete ceiling nonwovens are described and specified in ZTV Concrete 2007 / TL concrete 2007 and FGSV-leaflet M VuB.

Asphalt reinforcement | Asphalt reinforcement grids

Constant growing traffic intensity, especially due to increased heavy traffic, combined with settling of the subsoil / load bearing layers and high temperature variations, leads to cracking of the asphalt road surface. Asphalt reinforcements are a permanently effective system solution. Significant reductions of development of reflection and fatigue cracks increase serviceability, reduce remediation costs, and extend remediation intervals for traffic routes. Reducing the cost of maintenance thus also saves the finances of municipalities, counties, states and the federal government. The requirements for asphalt reinforcements are specified in the FGSV working paper for the use of nonwovens, grids and composites in asphalt road construction and remediation

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