Root protection and weed blocker

Root protection panels and root protection membranes

Root protection panels

The root protection panels are made of robust material and retain their shape during laying. The advantage: even during backfilling, the panels are not displaced. The high puncture resistance allows easier compaction at the barrier and thus ensures optimal protection and separation. Also available in lightweight panel with hollow chambers or the resource-saving variant "ECO-Line", made from regranulate (recycled material).


      • Stress due to construction operations / ground movements: Advantage is the high robustness against puncturing and tearing
      • Resistant to microbiological degradation and UV-resistant
      • Cost saving
      • Anti-rooting
      • Also effective against Japanese knotweed, bamboo and other aggressive roots and rhizomes
    Wurzelschutzplatte in Leichtbauweise mit Hohlkammern

    Root protection sheets

    Our PE root protection sheets are top quality black sheets made of a high density polyethylene. They are especially flexible and durable. They also show excellent chemical resistance, outstanding mechanical properties, high stress cracking resistance and dimensional stability, and excellent heat aging resistance.


    • Stress due to construction operations / ground movements: Advantage is the high robustness against puncturing and tearing
    • Resistant to microbiological degradation and UV-resistant
    • Quick and easy laying: The required lengths can be cut to size without any problemsResistant to root penetration according to DIN EN 14416 (sheets made of PEHD are generally considered resistant to root penetration)
    • Can be welded with hot air blow dryer
    Wurzelschutzbahn an Straße

    Woven or nonwoven weed blocker

    Our weed blocker products are used both in nurseries in the production of perennials and woody plants, crops (container plants) and by landscape gardeners or in the garden area in gardens and parks. The sheets serve as a reliable mechanical protection against unwanted weed growth from below and prevent the growth of light-dependent sprouts ecologically without using herbicides. Besides, time is money - the maintenance effort is considerably minimized. In dry periods, this can also delay the drying out of the soil by reducing evaporation.


    Weed Blocker Woven Fabric

    The weed blocker soil protection fabric is made of high-strength woven and UV-stabilized PP foil tapes. The fabric is mainly used as a weed stopper. It allows water and air to migrate, but its special structure and dark color prevents weeds from developing and growing through the fabric. The weed blocker can be placed directly on the ground or lightly buried. A cross cut is simply made in the places where the crops are to grow out.
    The marking strips allow accurate positioning of individual plants. Due to its high robustness, the fabric is also suitable on paths between individual plantings and keeps them weed-free.

    The anti-weed solution for garden and greenhouse

    Weed blocker - soil protection fabric is successfully used both in nurseries and in the production of perennials and trees. It facilitates the care and handling of plants.
    Made of specially UV-stabilized polypropylene foil tapes, weed blocker soil protection fabric is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

    Unkrautblocker aus Vliesstoff

    Non-woven weed blocker

    Our nonwoven fabric is a textile made of staple fibers mechanically bonded by needle-punching and calendering. The weed blocker is black and becomes invisible in the planting area, as subsequently additionally covered with a thin layer of soil.
    In the offered grammage, the nonwoven is also well suited for heavy weed growth. Further, the robustness is comparable to a standard GRK 3 nonwoven for earthworks in road construction.

    Advantages of soil protection woven fabric:

    • Long service life due to UV stabilization
    • Can be used for several years
    • High water permeability
    • High resilience
    • Anti-rooting
    • With marking strips for exact positioning of the plants
    • Color: black with green marking stripes

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