Geothermal energy | Use geothermal energy effectively!

Source development solutions for ground source heat pumps

With the FRANK GET System (Geothermal Environmental Technology) we offer different solutions for the source development for ground source heat pumps. Thanks to the system concept, all components are coordinated with one another. In addition to the components for source development, the FRANK GET system includes a wide range of chamber manifolds in all load classes and brine manifolds for all hydraulic requirements. In this way you ensure the effectiveness of the entire system. With pipes, fittings and valves for the connection pipework, as well as the associated welding technology, all components come from one hand. In this way you can reduce your sources of supply to a minimum.
The FRANK GET system guarantees a permanent connection to the energy source. Pre-assembled geothermal probes made of PE 100-RC or PE-X, the FRANK VTP for the extraction of energy with low drilling depths. FRANK WET water heat exchangers, brine manifolds and chamber manifolds as well as the corresponding accessories represent a system solution from one hand up to the heat pump connection. Long service life, no corrosion and externally monitored production according to current guidelines (DIN 8074/75, VDI 4640, SKZ HR 3.26) guarantee the quality of our products in worldwide use.

Geothermie Anwendungsbeispiele







Geothermal energy - heat or cool with renewable energy!

Geothermal energy is generally concerned with the effective use of renewable energy. Let's take geothermal heating as an example - which uses geothermal energy in conjunction with a geothermal heat pump (brine-water heat pump) to generate free energy for the building. Here you use existing and free geothermal energy and give it another benefit - clever, inexpensive in the long term and, above all, environmentally friendly!
Our geothermal product range also includes our water heat exchanger - it gets its regenerative energy from lakes, rivers or the sea near the building.

Did you know that the correct use of geothermal energy saves CO₂ emissions?

About 40% of all CO₂ emissions are attributed to space heating and water heating - sounds like a lot? It is. And this is exactly where you can take countermeasures with geothermal heating and save costs in the long term. The financial advantage on the one hand and climate change on the other, we all need to rethink. Geothermal energy is certainly not the only adjustment screw - nevertheless it represents a big step in the right direction!


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