FRANK horizontal collector kit

FRANK Erdwärmekollektor-Set

With the geothermal collector set, FRANK offers an easy-to-fit complete kit tailored to power requirements with chamber manifold, collector pipe and connections..

The collector circuits are made of high-quality d 32 x 3.0 mm PE 100-RC SDR 11 pipes with a bundled coil length of 100 m and guarantee high, long-term operating reliability.
The collector circuits will be securely connected to the manifold by means of electrofusion welded fittings. The pre-assembled manifold with shut-off and balancing valves is integrated into a compact box, designed for wall mounting.

Product range:

Set No.

Power range¹ [kW]
Example climate zone 12
Sand - sandy clay

Pipe length



3 - 8

3 x 100m

402 3285 307


4 - 11

4 x 100m 

402 3285 407 


5,5 - 13,5

5 x 100m 

402 3285 507 


6,5 - 16,5

6 x 100m 

402 3285 607 


7 - 19

7 x 100m 

402 3285 707 


8,5 - 22,5

8 x 100m 

402 3285 807 

 ¹ Possible extraction capacity is determined by the type of underground, the climate zone and the distance between the collector pipes. For precise thermal dimensioning we recommend information sheet no. 43 from the BHD.

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