District / local heating networks

Kalte Nachwärme-Netz

District or local heating networks are an ecological and economical alternative to traditional heating systems in buildings. The thermal energy is generated at a central point and distributed to the consumers via a pipeline network. The thermal energy is obtained at a central point and distributed to the consumers via a pipe network. District heating networks uses the waste heat, e.g. B. a combined heat and power plant with combined heat and power or an industrial plant to supply residential buildings within a radius of up to 10 km with heat and hot water.

In contrast, cold local heating networks or energy networks use free heat sources in the immediate vicinity of a residential area or urban settlement. This increases efficiency, the pipes can be operated at lower temperatures and do not require additional insulation. Regenerative energy sources include Geothermal probes, surface collectors or water heat exchangers that can be combined as required. The house connection is made via flow and return pipes in which a heat transfer medium circulates at -5 to + 25 °C. So that the thermal energy can be used for heating and cooling, heat pumps ensure that the temperature level in the houses is raised. If the electricity required for this is covered with green electricity, even CO₂-neutral operation of the building is possible.

Cold local heating networks make environmentally friendly geothermal energy accessible to the community at low cost. Residents who could not use geothermal energy on their own property also benefit from this.

The advantages of FRANK district or local heating networks

  • Proven complete system from the market leader
  • Made in Germany
  • Security of supply independent of fossil fuels energy sources
  • Heating and cooling with inexhaustible and environmentally friendly geothermal energy
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Take up less space and are more cost-effective than individual solutions

Our delivery program for cold local heating

FRANK supplies a completely weldable and therefore permanently sealed system made of recyclable PE for cold local heating networks. Starting with a variety of heat exchanger solutions, molded parts, chamber manifolds and the connection pipe to the heat pump.


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