FRANK injection pipe

For a safe backfilling of the borehole when installing geothermal probes. The injection pipe is available in the diameters d 25 mm, d32 mm and d 40 mm.


Pipe junction

The FRANK pipe junction is designed to combine the two circuits of duplex geothermal probes. According to the specifications of VDI 4640, each geothermal probe must then be routed individually to a manifold, and it must be possible to shut off with a valve in the flow and return.
The hydrodynamic favourable inner contour with full flow cross-section generates only minimal pressure losses. The pipe junction has been tested and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the HR 3.26 guideline of the SKZ Wuerzburg.

Rohrzusammenführung mit E-Muffen

Pipe joining with electrofusion fittings

The FRANK pipe joining with electrofusion fittings enables time-saving processing in the manufacture of the connection lines for geothermal probes. The time-consuming peeling of the connecting spigot of the pipe junction is no longer necessary.

Reliable processing is guaranteed by the tried and tested technology with completely embedded heating coils. The optimized shrinkage behavior and the generous cold zones of the electrofusion fitting ensure a secure build-up of the joining pressure and thus permanently tight welded joints.

Alternatively, the connection can also be made with E-elbows d 40 mm. The hydrodynamic favourable inner contour with large cross-sections ensures low pressure losses.

The pipe joining with electrofusion fittings is certified according to the SKZ guideline HR 3.26. 


Insertion aid

The insertion aid adapted to the probe base is used to attach the required weights without the risk of damaging the pipes or the probe base. When using push rods, the centering sleeve of the insertion aid serves as a stop for the rod. The insertion aid is suitable for geothermal probes d 32 mm and d 40 mm.


Weights for geothermal probes

The special pull-in weights for geothermal probes can be easily attached to the insertion aid of the probe base using screws.

The option of fastening with one or two screws allows pendulum or rigid fastening.

Abstandhalter d 32


FRANK spacers ensure that the pipes of the geothermal probe are fixed at a distance from one another. This prevents the probe tubes from touching each other, i.e. a thermal short circuit between the cold flow and warm return of the probe.

The use of spacers ensures that the pipes are well enclosed by the material introduced when the bore is filled.

The pipe spacers are designed in such a way that a filling pipe can be passed through the center and the hole can thus be safely filled from bottom to top. A corresponding filling pipe made of PE can be supplied.


Line warning tape

Once the geothermal probe system is in operation, the system works invisibly for the user in the ground. In the case of gas and drinking water pipelines, the pipe used shows which medium is being transported by identifying the pipe in color and with a permanent imprint.

The FRANK geothermal probe pipe is marked as such so that it can be seen during earthworks which pipe has been exposed. In order to prevent damage, the use of the FRANK route warning tape is strongly recommended.


Molded fittings for connecting pipelines

We offer a complete range of molded fittings and elbows for connecting geothermal probe systems to the heat pump. Our range of welding fittings and the associated welding machines are suitable for all common dimensions and welding processes.


FRANK unwinding device

Geothermal probe unrolling device for holding FRANK geothermal probes d 32 and d 40 mm in lengths from 50 m to 300 m.
Robust design made of galvanized steel. Thanks to the adjustable core diameter and the adjustable width, the unwinding device can be flexibly adapted.
The base frame can be attached to 2 stable lifting eyes.


FRANK wall duct (annular seal)

For a safe wall penetration of pipelines with a diameter of 40 mm to 125 mm. The sealing elements are made of high quality EPDM with corrosion-resistant stainless steel pressure plates. For installation in core bores or wall sleeves. Special dimensions on request

FRANK Bodenwanddurchführung

FRANK BWD / bottom wall duct

For a safe wall penetration of several pipes into the building. The BWD can easily be integrated between the reinforcement, no time-consuming drilling work or individual seals are required. Factory-made wall or floor penetration with sealing plate made of PE including pipe seals and additionally with circumferential swelling tape.

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