Modular plastic brine manifolds

Soleverteiler 2062

Plastic brine manifold type 2061/2062

Compact, modular brine manifold made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide for brine distribution from geothermal probes, energy baskets or ground collectors.
Simple and effective adjustment through easy-to-read sight glass.


  • Flow meter and regulating valves in the supply pipe.
  • All brine circuits contain shut-off valves in the supply and return pipe
  • Modular design of the individual components
  • Shut-off of the circuit connections via valves in the flow and return pipes
  • Assembly of the manifold segments without tools
  • Manifold segments self-sealing by means of O-ring
  • Connection thread male 1" to probe/collector
  • Spigot spacing 100 mm

Heat pump connection:

  • with flange for ball valve set (accessories) and PE welding spigot d 40 mm
  • Heat pump connection only with PE welding spigot d 40 mm, alternatively heat pump connection with union nut G 1 1/2"


  • Connection fittings for PE pipe (Brass compression fitting) d 25, 32 and 40 mm
  • Connection fitting with welding spigot d 32 mm

  • Manometer
  • Thermometer 
Soleverteiler 2064

Plastic brine manifold Types 2064-2065

Distributor design as type 2061 but circuit connections with safe plug-in connection.


  • PE plug-in/welding connection with radial sealing by O-ring
  • Stainless steel safety clip
  • Brine circuits can be shut off individually via valves in the flow and return
  • Flow meter with regulating valve integrated in the flow pipe
  • Heat pump connection alternatively with ball valve, weld end d 40 mm, or threaded connection G 1 ½

Type 2064: Manifold set with flow meter 7-32 l/min
and plug-in/welding connection
Typ 2065: Manifold set with flow meter 4-20 l/min and plug-in/welding connection
and plug-in/welding connection



Soleverteiler Typ 3060

Modular plastic brine manifold type 3060 for large flow rates

Modular plastic brine manifold with flow meter and plug-in welding spigots.


  • Compact, easy-to-mount plastic brine manifold
    in modular design
  • For flow rates up to 16 m³/h
  • Return with integrated flow meters and shut-off / regulating valves. Flow pipe with shut-off valves
  • Connection of the manifold segments by O-rings
  • Circular connections via insertable PE welding spigots
    with radial O-ring seal
  • Securing of the plug-in connection by means of a clamp
  • Recommended total size approx. 10-15 circuits,
    depending on volume flow

Supplied as a modular system with pre-assembled sets with 2 or
or 3 circuits (VL+RL modules in each case) as well as a basic package
with heat pump connection and wall brackets.

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