Geothermal probes made of PE-X

Geothermal probes for the highest demands on point load resistance - extremely not sensitive to notches and crack resistant

PE-X Erdwärmesonde

FRANK GET-X geothermal probes

Geothermal probes made of cross-linked polyethylene PE-X offer optimal protection against point loads, slow crack growth and external damage.
The FRANK GET-X geothermal probes are manufactured with the proven FRANK SurePEX pipes made of peroxide cross-linked polyethylene and a factory-welded probe base. When SurePEX pipes are manufactured using the Engel process, the molecular chains are cross-linked during extrusion at a pressure of more than 2.000 bar. Due to this homogeneous type of cross-linking, the pipes are resistant to stress cracks.
The GET-X geothermal probe is perfectly suited for use in heat storage systems and in combination with solar thermal energy.


GET-X Erdwärmesonde

Benefits GET- X geothermal probe:

  • Factory-welded duplex geothermal probes d 32 and d 40 m
  • Individual test certificate for each probe
  • Molded, divisible probe base
  • Highest point load resistance - extremely not sensitive to notches and crack resistant
  • High flexibility - enables easy installation even at low temperatures
  • High thermal resilience
  • Universal connection possibility with electrofusion welding or press connection

Technical Data:

Pipe dimension d 32 x 2,9 mm

Lengths 50, … bis 150 m, Special lengths on request

Pipe dimension d 40 x 3,7 mm

Lengths 50, 60, 70, … bis 180, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300 m,
Special lengths on request

Operating pressure
(DIN 16893)

15 bar
(20 °C, 100 years SF=1,25)


-20 °C up to + 95 °C

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