Semi-finished plastic products

Hollow bars | round bars | liner | welding rod | concrete protection sheets | extruded sheets | pressed sheets | fabric backed sheets | spiral pipe for tank construction

We offer semi-finished products for tank, plant and apparatus construction - also for technically demanding applications. Our semi-finished products are made of high-tech materials like PE 100, PE 100-RC, PE-el, PP, PPs, PPs-el, FEP, PFA, PVDF, PVDF-el and ECTFE. In addition, we supply innovative lining systems for storage, filling and handling usage, such as industrial basins or wastewater treatment plants, for protection against environmental influences, aggressive or abrasive media.

Areas of application for semi-finished plastic products:

  • electroplating and pickling tanks
  • gas scrubbers and exhaust air purification plants
  • apparatus engineering
  • vessel construction
  • lining of reactors, vessels and tanks
  • wet benches and process plants
  • thermoforming products
  • lightweight systems
  • starting product for mechanically manufactured parts
  • food and beverage industry
  • drinking water treatment


Whether welding, sawing, milling, turning, bolting, thermoforming, punching or drilling - semi-finished products can be used flexibly and are easy to process.

Product range:

  • Extruded sheets
  • Pressed sheets
  • Sheets backed with polyester, synthetic or glass fabric
  • Round bars
  • Hollow rods
  • Welding rod
  • Welding technology

Available materials:

  • PP-H
  • PP-R
  • PPs
  • PPs-el
  • PE 100
  • PE 100-RC
  • PE-el
  • PVDF
  • PVDF-el
  • PVDF-el HV Liner and fittings
  • PFA
  • FEP






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