Concrete protection liner made of PE, PP, PVDF-Flex or ECTFE

For the protection of concrete structures

Betonschutzplatten aus Kunststoff

Structures and chambers intended for the collection, storage and transportation of liquids can be easily and inexpensively constructed of concrete. Concrete is suitable for a wide range of media, but not for permanent contact. Therefore, concrete surfaces must be protected from external influences, such as corrosion. With our UltraGrip ® concrete protection liner made of thermoplastic materials and the matching connecting profiles, we offer a well thought-out and proven system for the permanent protection of concrete structures, manholes and concrete pipes.

Concrete protection slabs: Advantage through bonding

Conventional systems for protecting concrete structures are applied subsequently to the finished structure. This often does not provide a permanent connection to the concrete surfaces. The anchor studs of the UltraGrip ® concrete protection panels form a positive bond between the panels and the concrete. The anchor studs of UltraGrip ® concrete protection are formed during the manufacturing process, i.e. the anchor studs and the slab are homogeneously bonded to each other. As a result, the product has no weak point between the liner and the flat surface. The unique and patented design of the anchor studs and their staggered arrangement results in a perfect mechanical bond of the plastic waterproofing to the concrete.

Quality assurance

Production, logistics as well as the further development of the UltraGrip® system are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ff. The use of high-quality raw materials, state-of-the-art production techniques and extensive factory monitoring ensure consistently high quality. The tests carried out can be documented by means of an acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204.

Various designs for a wide range of applications

  • with anti-slip surface for surfaces that can be walked on
  • with lamination on one side
  • as double sealing for controllable safety

Product range
UltraGrip® liner are available in different materials

  • PE agate gray
  • PE black
  • PE black/white
  • PE-el black
  • PE yellow
  • PE blue
  • PP grey
  • PP black

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