Laminated liners: optimal for container lining


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Laminated liners are a safe and durable solution and have become indispensable in modern plant and tank construction. Glass, polyester or synthetic fabric is applied during the extrusion process of the liner and forms a bond with the thermoplastic base material.

Laminated liners are used especially for lining steel and GRP tanks. Due to their excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of media, the plastic liner protect the shaping and supporting structures made of steel or GFRP.

For moderate chemical and thermal loads, polyolefin sheets made of PE or PP laminated with polyester fabric are a good choice. Especially for highly diffusing media such as nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid or hydrochloric acid, it is recommended to use plates laminated with synthetic knitted fabric SK+, as this lamination has a particularly high chemical resistance to the aforementioned media. Liners with this type of knitted fabric have PVDF and ECTFE as in partially fluorinated variants. For particularly strong chemical and high thermal loads, we offer liners laminated with glass knitted fabric made of the fully fluorinated materials PFA or FEP.

If you are unsure which material best meets the requirements of your application, we will of course be happy to help you make the right choice.

Overview: laminated liners

Kaschierte Platten
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