Plastic welding rods

Made of PE 100, PE 100-RC, PE 80, PE-el, PP-H, PP-R, PPs-el, PVDF, FEP, PFA

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Welding equipment selection:

  • Welding extruders
  • Hot-gas welding equipment
  • Welding equipment for heated element butt welding and heated coil welding
  • Tools and accessories

Joining plastics by welding is one of the safest ways to achieve a reliable and resilient joint between two components of the same material type. The most common welding processes in the plastics sector include hot-gas welding, as well as extrusion welding. Welding consumables made of the same material are required for the aforementioned joint types. Plastic welding rods in 3 and 4 mm are mainly used for this.

In extrusion welding, the most important welding variant in plant and container construction, hot gas flows out of a separate nozzle of the welding device, which heats the joining surfaces of the parts to be welded to welding temperature. The filler metal, which is continuously discharged from the manually guided device, is pressed into the weld joint. The outgoing mass flow pushes the device forward and determines the welding speed. The required preheating must be matched to the welding speed.

Hot-gas welding is the most important method of joining thin-walled components. This process is frequently used in ventilation construction, as well as for lining with fluoroplastics. In hot-gas welding, the joining surfaces and the outer zones of the filler metal are brought to a plastic state with hot gas - usually with hot air - and joined together under pressure. A drawing or high-speed welding nozzle facilitates work on the components and often improves the welding results.

In addition to a variety of material types to match the plates and solid rods offered by FRANK, we can also provide you with plastic welding rods in different colors and/or spool sizes.

We will be happy to advise you on the right choice.


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