Abwasser und Umwelt

Wastewater & environment - 100% security!

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For the protection of the groundwater and the environment, FRANK produces high-quality pipe systems, shafts and special structures for the safe transport and storage of polluted wastewater made of environmentally friendly PE and PP. Our welded or plugged systems are permanently sealed, chemically resistant, corrosion-resistant, break-proof and easy to maintain and offer a service life of over 100 years. Our solutions have been used by cities and municipalities around the world as well as by well-known manufacturers, including: from the automotive and chemical industries, used successfully.

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Safe wastewater disposal to protect the environment

The issue of wastewater and the environment affects everyone, be it in the private or in the commercial sector. Regardless of whether it is about "normal" wastewater or chemically enriched wastewater from industry - safe handling during transport or storage is crucial here. FRANK protects the environment in a future-proof manner with high-quality sewage pipe systems, sewage collection pits and inspection shafts made of PE.

Why is plastic an advantage in sanitation?

FRANK sewer pipes made of plastic are corrosion-resistant, chemically resistant and light. Concrete used to be a focused pipe material, which has been increasingly replaced by plastic in recent decades. One advantage: The weight of the PE structures is much lower in comparison and can be transported and installed with less effort. Furthermore, plastic pipe systems are break-proof, permanently weldable and can be used for over 100 years with little maintenance. This lowers the operating costs of the sewer operator.


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