Provision of fire water

To relieve the public drinking water supply

The decentralized provision of fire water has increased in recent years and is also increasingly becoming a requirement. We offer extinguishing water tanks in various sizes and designs for this purpose. They can be filled with drinking water or rainwater. Underground extinguishing water tanks are regulated in DIN 14230. The connections must be made according to DIN 14244. The DVGW-worksheet W 405 is used to determine the extinguishing water requirement. Our fire water tanks are made of the environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable material PE 100. As with all our tanks (reservoir systems, drinking water storage tanks, etc.), the extinguishing water tanks are also tailored to customer requirements and completely prefabricated. Provision of extinguishing water - guaranteed!


Typische Bauformen

Löschwasserbehälter 1-teilig meist für 50 - 100m³
Löschwasserbehälter 2-teilig meist für 100 - 200m³
Sonderbauformen für jedes Volumen

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