PKS- profile sewer pipe system to protect the environment

The optimal basis for sewer pipes, manholes and special structures

PKS pipes are lightweight, chemically resistant, corrosion-resistant and break-proof. They are manufactured from the resistant and durable materials PE or PP in dimensions DN 500 to DN 3500 using the coiling process. Thanks to variable profiling, PKS pipes can be optimally adapted to static specifications or external loads. In addition, they are equipped with an inspection-friendly light-colored inner pipe surface. Due to their excellent properties and easy processing, PKS pipes are the optimum basis for the production of fittings, manholes and special structures.

Safe connections

PKS pipes are weldable: This allows the entire pipe system to be connected homogeneously and permanently tight. Root ingrowths as well as ex- and infiltrations are thus excluded. From DN 500 to DN 2400, they are equipped with a socket formed on one side and an integrated heating coil. For dimensions larger than DN 2400, extrusion welding according to DVS 2207-4 is used.

PKS Rohr mit integrierter Heizwendel

From DN 500 to DN 2400 with integrated heating coil

Schweißung Skizze

Homogeneous joint due to electrofusion welding

Benefits of PKS pipes

  • easy to lay and economical
  • robust, unbreakable and durable
  • permanently tight pipe connections
  • resistant to aggressive waste water
  • resistant to corrosion by foreign substances or bacteria
  • resistant to deposits due to anti-adhesive surface
  • extremely abrasion resistant
  • hydraulically extremely powerful due to smooth inner surface
  • (k < 0.05 mm)
  • impact resistant and UV-resistant
  • inspection-friendly due to light-colored inner surface of F 100+
  • (DIBt-approved)
  • environmentally friendly - made of PE and PP (DIBt-approved)
  • easily telescopic

PKS pipes with variable profile types: Resilient and fracture-proof

PKS pipes are bendable as well as fracture-proof and can compensate even short-term overloads on the pipe system without damage. After the load has been removed, they recover completely.

PKS pipes obtain their high long-term ring stiffness from a variety of special profile types. This means that PKS pipes can always be optimally designed for the expected load conditions.

PKS Rohr, Einbau


The profile type VW (solid wall tube) can be produced in different wall thicknesses and gradations depending on the structural
and gradations.


  • for the production of shafts, bends and other structures or components
  • for the manufacture of upright cylindrical vessels with graduated wall thicknesses of up to 400 mm
  • for pressure-loaded pipelines
  • for the production of ventilation pipes

Profile type PR is characterized by high ring stiffnesses with very low tube weights.


  • standard for buried duct pipes
  • for the production of ventilation pipes
  • for the production of rainwater pipes, culvert pipes, PKS-Thermpipe
PKS plus Profil

The PKS®plus profile type achieves very high long-term ring stiffnesses due to its compact profile design.
They are therefore used for very high external loads.


  • for the production of fittings, manholes and special structures
  • Pipe penetrations
  • for buried sewer pipes with high external loads
  • for leakage monitoring

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