PKS storage system flexible and environmentally friendly

Economical. Low maintenance. Durable.

PKS Stauraumsystem

PKS storage systems can be used flexibly

PKS storage systems are modular in design and can therefore be easily adapted to a wide range of applications.

In addition to the intermediate storage of rainwater, the system is also ideally suited, for example, for process water retention, the provision of service and fire-fighting water or for leachate from landfills.

PKS storage systems are made of the environmentally friendly materials PE and PP and are statically designed according to the ATV-DVWK-A 127 guideline. They are equipped with a maintenance-friendly light-colored inner layer and are supplied up to dimension DN 3500 with welded or plugged connections. If required, we also manufacture all modules in a double-walled design in accordance with the requirements of guideline DWA-A 142 with leakage monitoring.

Functional principle of rainwater retention

To prevent overloading of the sewer system during heavy precipitation, water volumes must be controlled. Rainwater retention protects the sewer system by first collecting the water that accumulates, storing it temporarily, and then releasing it to the sewer network at a throttled rate.

For stormwater retention/rainwater management, the PKS stormwater storage system consists of three modules: inlet, storage and outlet. The individual modules can be individually adapted to the respective requirements and assembled according to the modular principle. We supply the modules individually as well as completely prefabricated reservoir systems.

Stauraum Funktionsprinzip

Inlet structures

The accumulating water is led through the inlet structure into the reservoir. In addition, the structure can be used as a spillway or emergency overflow.

Storage tank

The storage tank serves as an intermediate storage for the discharged rainwater. Due to the wide range of available dimensions (up to DN 3500) and a variety of possible geometries, the tanks can be easily adapted to the required storage volume and local conditions.

Discharge structures

The backwatered water is discharged through the outlet structure into the sewer system. In order not to overload the sewer
To prevent the sewer from being overloaded, the volume is limited by means of a throttle, a slide valve or a reduced discharge cross-section.

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