PKS-Thermpipe® System

Energy recovery from soil and wastewater


Plan ahead, save sustainably with sewage and geothermal energy!

When laying a new sewer, plan the option of energy recovery and save up to 50% primary energy.

Did you decide in favor of a PKS sewer pipe when laying a new sewer? Use your advantage now: keep the option of energy recovery open for upcoming expansions. Because the energy cost advantage of PKS Thermpipe® pipes is unbeatable when laying new pipes! PKS pipes can be converted into highly efficient PKS Thermpipe® pipes ex works with a manageable additional effort. Larger buildings that are already in the vicinity or are being planned and have a higher energy requirement could in future be heated or cooled with energy from wastewater and geothermal energy.


PKS sewer pipe + waste water heat + geothermal energy = PKS Thermpipe® system

The PKS sewer pipe is the basis for the PKS Thermpipe® system. The system not only ensures safe wastewater transport. As a "horizontal geothermal probe" with a wastewater turbocharger, the PKS-Thermpipe® system also has the task of dissipating heat energy: wastewater and geothermal heat. The advantage of using two heat sources at the same time is obvious. The wastewater also heats the sewer pipe, The surrounding soil. Like a battery, it is constantly recharged by the wastewater energy. This unused energy, which is otherwise lost to the ground, makes the PKS-Thermpipe® system also usable.

The standard spirally wound pipe on the outer pipe is used to transport the heat energy. A heat transfer medium circulates in it for this purpose. With the additional energy recovery of the surrounding ground, the PKS-Thermpipe® system is independent of daily curves or irregular wastewater discharges. A constant energy supply is thus ensured

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