PKS®-Ventilation pipe PE and PP

PKS Lüftungsrohr
PKS Lüftungsrohre: Anbindung an ein Stahlrohr

Optimal for underground and above ground installation

Due to their individual design, PKS® ventilation pipes are particularly suitable for underground as well as above-ground installation outside buildings. This allows very complex pipe geometries to be realized easily and cost-effectively.

We use PE and PP as standard materials. Depending on requirements, we also supply PKS® ventilation pipes made of electrically conductive, flame-retardant or antimicrobial special materials. The system can be plugged or welded. Welded PKS® ventilation pipes are particularly suitable for installation in groundwater, for example, as no water can penetrate the homogeneously connected ventilation pipes. For connection to buildings, we supply both flange connections, special pressure-tight and tensile strength wall bushings.

PKS® ventilation pipes from DN 500 to DN 3500


  • Complex pipe geometries can be realized at low cost
  • Corrosion resistant
  • suitable for above-ground and underground installation
  • available as push-fit and welded connection
  • suitable for installation in groundwater (welded joint)
  • in PE and PP
  • suitable connection technology to other materials can be realized

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