TSC-Pipe (Twin Seal Connection Pipe)

Pipe system with push-fit connection for wastewater, rainwater and surface water

TSC Pipe

The TSC-Pipe (Twin Seal Connection Pipe) is a high-quality pipe system made of PE or PP with secure push-in connections. The system offers the same excellent properties as our PKS® pipe systems, but differs in the connection technology used.

TSC-Pipe: Tight connection - high safety

The double seal arranged to prevent displacement enables permanently tight pipe connections. The leak tests according to DIN 4060 were certified by MPA Darmstadt. The minimum requirements were clearly exceeded.

TSC Doppeldichtung

TSC pipe system Fields of application:

The TSC pipe system can be used for the drainage of rainwater, surface water and wastewater in gravity line.

High stability

State-of-the-art materials - combined with a variety of profile types - ensure particularly high stability and flexible adaptation to project-specific load situations (during transport, storage, installation and operation).

Durable and easy to maintain

The pipe exterior ensures UV resistance, and the coextruded, light-colored pipe interior facilitates inspection and camera inspection.
The smooth, anti-adhesive inner pipe surface of TSC pipes ensures high hydraulic performance and significantly longer cleaning intervals.

Benefits TSC-Pipe

  • Pipe system with double safety for a permanently tight push-fit connection (tested according to DIN 4060 - requirements were clearly exceeded)
  • integrated, displacement-proof double seal, optionally made of EPDM or NBR
  • easy handling, economical and environmentally friendly
  • highly stable with low weight due to special profile design
  • extremely abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant and UV-resistant
  • resistant to aggressive waste water and to corrosion by foreign substances or bacteria
  • hydraulically extremely powerful due to smooth inner surface
  • expected service life of at least 100 years
  • various materials, colors and SN classes available
  • dimensions: DN 500 - DN 1600

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