Check valves made of plastic

Swing check valves automatically protect pipelines or containers from unwanted draining. To prevent backflow, swing check valves are installed directly after the pumps. In our product range we offer ball check valves, check valves with free passage and intermediate installation check valves, which can be used even at low closing pressures by means of a return spring.

Ball check valve

This type is particularly characterized by its wide range of connection options (union nut with insert on both sides) and its simple, robust and streamlined design. Another advantage of this valve type is the self-cleaning ball.

  • norminal sizes available : DN 15 - DN 100
  • body materials: PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PVDF
  • materials: EPDM, FKM, FKM-F

Swing check valves

Special advantages are the full free cross-sectional opening for minimum pressure losses and the user-friendly maintenance opening.

  • norminal sizes available: DN 15 - DN 200
  • body materials: HI-PVC, PP, PVDF
  • materials: EPDM, CSM, PTFE/PFA, PTFE/FKM-F

Wafer check valve

This low-priced type is characterized by a very short overall length. Equipping with return spring after pumps and for horizontal lines is recommended. The restricted free cross-section and disc outlet dimensions must be taken into account in the design.

  • available nominal diameters: DN 32 - DN 500
  • body materials: PVC-U, PP, PVDF
  • sealing materials: EPDM, FKM, PTFE

Facts about Swing check valves 

Of course, a piping system must be secured against unintentional idling when the pump stops. Our plastic check valves type 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 39 and 40 are available for this purpose. Different applications also require different materials - in order to cover the widest possible range, our swing check valves can be made of PP, PVC, PVDF, PPG and even ECTFE depending on the application. Depending on the valve, EPDM, PFA/ FEP, FKM (also FKM-F or FKM-C) and of course special materials such as Kalrez® or others are available as sealing materials. It always depends on the medium and the temperature.

For media that tend to deposit, for example, the check valves type 30 - 32 are particularly worth mentioning. These are ball check valves in which the ball rotates in the volume flow. This is a simple way to reliably prevent deposits on only one side, which can then lead to leaks. For applications with particularly high flow rates, our monobloc - body swing check valves type 33 are available. Due to the special design with a swinging arm folding into the housing, the line cross-section is completely opened, which in turn ensures a very high flow rate and low hydraulic losses. Our check valves type 35 are even available in an electrically conductive design and are thus also suitable for use in explosion protection areas.

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