ASAHI gate valves from plastic

ASAHI gate valves are used to regulate and flow control rates. They are widely used in water technology, especially in the treatment of industrial wastewater.


Gate valve type C normal from ASAHI

Due to the hard wedge and the sliding bag, this type is mainly used for industrial wastewater and liquids without solids content.

  • norminal sizes available: DN 40 - DN 350
  • body material: HI-PVC

Gate valve type C soft sealing from ASAHI

This type has a wedge with SBR coating and a smooth continuous inner wall. This makes it particularly suitable for use in landfill applications and sewage treatment plants.

  • norminal sizes available: DN 40 - DN 200
  • body material: HI-PVC

Interesting facts about ASAHI plastic gate valve type C 

ASAHI plastic wedge gate valves type C are specially designed for media that are difficult for metals to handle. For example, media containing salt can be conveyed through the plastic wedge gate valve made of high-quality HI - PVC (High - Impact PVC, specially equipped PVC with increased impact strength) without the corrosion phenomena typical of metals. In order to meet the requirements of all applications, the wedge gate valve is available as a "normal-sealing" version, in which the wedge made of polypropylene moves into a gate bag and seals there with a positive fit, and as a "soft-sealing" version with a wedge covered with styrene-butadiene rubber to prevent possible deposits of solids in the gate bag. This design makes it possible to give the type C wedge gate valve a particularly flat inner surface, which can fully exploit its advantages in flow and cleaning. Due to the design of the housing as a monoblock body, the plastic wedge gate valves type C can also be used end-to-end and independent of the flow direction. For special applications, our wedge gate valves can of course also be equipped with electric actuators.

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